I am a traditional Irish musician playing a variety of instruments including piano accordion, button accordion, guitar and keyboards. Over 60 years involvement in the traditional music scene in Northern Ireland, I played in a number of ceili bands, recorded and broadcast on radio and television. During that time I composed over 100 new tunes in Irish traditional style which I published in 2016 under the title KeyNotes . The contents of that book are presented here so that my music may be available to traditional musicians everywhere.

The entire publication may be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking in the panel, right. Individual tunes may be viewed, and listened to, in the various sections of the web site, selecting from the menu. All tunes are copyright-free and may be recorded and performed in public without permission, but acknowledgement of the composer would be appreciated.

Special thanks to my music friend Bill Black, of Cape Cod, Mass., USA, who created the abc files and some of the audio files for me, and who has also placed my music in his WebABC archive of over 9000 tunes at

Enjoy !

THIS IS WORK IN PROGRESS (Individual tune pages complete up to Tune #70 as of 1st July 2022)